Pastor E.A.Adeboye General Overseer (RCCG World Wide)

Pastor E.A.Adeboye
General Overseer (RCCG World Wide)

T he Lord Almighty can do all things, He is the all knowing God, Psalm 115 v 15 He is the sovereign one.

The one more appropriate name of God to describe Him tonight can be found in Rev 1 v8 He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, the One who is the One who was and the One who is to come.

Now what is the implication of this? It means what has gone, what is happening and what is to come all meet to-gether in Him. As a result of this He controls time and sea-son, Daniel2v 20 -21. If He wants He can stop time like it happen in Joshua 12 v 10 -14; He told the Sun to stay where it was and don’t set, and the sun stood still.

He can do more than that, He can reverse time according to Isaiah 8v 7-8 The past present and future coincide in Him. He can go right into the past pick something there and bring it to the present meaning He can pick what you thought you have lost forever and bring it back to you again.

He can go into the future and bring it to the present, like in the case of the wedding in the Canaan of Galilee; when His mother told him the wine is finished, Jesus Christ said woman my time has not yet come but that same day His time came and He performed His first miracle. He made laws to control nature and gravity, but all these laws are made for His pleasure according to Revelation 4 v 1-11. Whenever He wants He can suspend the laws, just like He did in 2 king 6 v 1-7, you don’t need much of science to know that if you throw a wood into the water it will float, but when the axe head of the sons of the prophet fell into the water in 2kings 6 v 1-17, Elisha cut a wood, threw it
into the water and the axe head float instead of the wood.

He can suspend law, He can reverse them, and then He can override them.

The Lord in His sovereigns can restore lost opportu-nity. He can change curses into blessings.

You will see this in Genesis 49 v 5-7 when Joshua placed a curse on anyone who tries to build the wall of Jericho but years later in Numbers 3 v 11 Elisha put an end to that curse and turned it into a blessing. God can also keep a destiny in suspense if you look at Daniel 4 King Nebuchad-nezzar offended God , so he turned him to an animal for seven years. Everybody was looking at him as an animal, humanly speaking it was over for him, but in the whole seven years nobody dethroned him, until He restore him back as a king and added excellent majesty to him.

God can turn dry bones into an army, He can make hope-less situation to be hopeful. He can reverse the irreversi-ble. The question now is for whom will God do this? These are the kind of people who serve God volun-tarily according to 2 kings 4 v 8-17.God is not ready to help the one who is not ready seek for Him Mark 11 v 46. Lastly anyone who is going to have the irreversible re-versed, must surrender to Him completely.