Walking and Watching as More than Conquerors

P22cEnoch was the first man to experience rapture without tasting death because he walked with God. He stood for righteousness, talked for righteousness and condemned unrighteousness, Jude 1:14. He wasn’t like the people who would just sit on the fence and watch their fellow brethren to sin against God claiming that they don’t want to pry into the businesses of other people. Walking with God is paramount to being more than a conqueror. It is not enough to be called of God, as God called Abraham out of darkness in Genesis 12, from idolatry; promising to take him to a land flowing with milk and honey, but in Genesis 17 we see that God asked Abraham to “walk before Him” in order to get those promises. We, as children of God, need to walk before God in order to get to our promise land. Before we go further, we must understand that the first step to walking with God is Salvation. For Nicodemus to walk with Jesus, Jesus told him emphatically in John 3:7. “Marvel not that I said unto thee, ye must be born again.” Nicodemus, a Pharisee, a member of Sanhedrin, a wealthy and powerful man-well respected by his people, new with all his achievement physically that he needs a savior. He surrendered his life to Jesus and allowed Jesus Christ to become his Lord and savior from that day onward. In John 19, he was together with Joseph of Arimathaea to give Jesus Christ a befitting burial. What a walk with God!

Ways to walk with God.

1.Walk in the Spirit, Roman 13:13-14. We have to walk in the Spirit to be perfect and to be able to resist the works of the flesh, Galatians 5:16. Many at times, what we see can deceive us. When we look at Lot in the Bible, we see how much he suffered and the many things including his family he lost because he was walking in the flesh. Gene-sis 19.

2. Walk in love, Ephesians 5:2. We must center our rela-tionship with each other on Jesus Christ and Him alone, because when He is the one helping you to love, it will not be difficult to do so and there will still be a commit-ment to that relationship even when all material things in the relationship cease to exist. Whereas, loving by our strength will cause attachment to material things and these kinds of relationships don’t last.

3. Walk transparently, 1 John 1:7. Don’t try to hide any-thing from God because you can’t no matter how hard you try. Let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ be ‘no.’ You can cover from man but you can’t cover from God. Let husband be transparent to his wife and let the wife be transparent to her husband, because this is the will of God. Adam and Eve were both naked and were not ashamed. Gen. 2:25

4. Walk in truth, Isaiah 66:2, Proverbs 25:7. Be a man or woman of integrity. Mean what you say and let people be able to trust and vouch for you when the need arises. Some people want to put people that have integrity in charge of their lives and businesses, but they themselves have no integrity. It doesn’t work that way because eve-rybody is required to live a life of integrity.

5. Walk by the Word of God and not by sight, 2 Corinthians 5:7; Joshua 1:8. The world we live in is full of fear. It takes the word of faith in the mouth of the three young Hebrew men to quench the fiery furnace of fire set against them in the book of Daniel 3.

6. Walk with the Godly, Psalm 1:1. The people you associ-ate yourself with, will determine your destination, and so you must select your friends wisely.

7. Walk in Humility. It is those who humble themselves that God raises up, Matthew 23:12; Proverbs 15:33. Psalms 42:7a says, “Deep callleth unto deep at the noise of thy wa-terspouts. When your roots go down deep in the ground your fruits will manifest in its maximum. When you walk with God there are blessings that come automatically:

  • It will be well with you and your household, Deuteronomy 5:16, 29; 6:2.
  • You will enjoy life.
  • You will have long life
  • God will increase and prosper you mightily.
  • God will defeat your enemies for you.

We get all these things not by only walking, but by also watching. Watching is very important in walking, because if you are not watching as you walk, there is possibility to en-ter a ditch, hit a bump, of go of the track and still walking. One can even enter a trap or net if such fails to watch. You have to be watchful at all times.

1. You have to watch your mouth, 2 Timothy 4:5; Proverbs 13:3, 21:23, 18:21. You have to watch your mouth

2. because your tongue will determine your destination.

Pastor Daniel Ajayi-Adeniran 5 The power of life and death lies in the tongue. Watch what you say and the confessions you make because the heavens and the devil will hold you by the word of your mouth. Be careful not to make negative confessions about yourself because you are entangled with whatever you say about yourself.

2. Watch how you use your time, Ecclesiastes 3:1-3, Proverbs 28:19. There is time for everything. Don’t abuse your time and don’t let anybody waste your time. Your time is precious to you and you cannot buy it back.

3. Watch your friends and the kind of advice you receive from them.

4. Watch over your family. It is your responsibility and not the responsibility of the government to do that. Husbands watch over your family because you are the head of the house. Wives, watch over your home because you are the mother in that home, watch over your children, 1 Samuel 25:3, 14-22.

5. Watch your spending. Whatever you have is not really yours, God gave them to you and this makes you accountable to God because when we came into this earth we came with nothing, and we are accountable to God for everything that He has given us, Proverbs 21:17. Don’t become another prodigal son or daughter, Luke 15:13-15. We must be ac-countable to God. Why do you want God to give you more resources? What have you done with the ones that He al-ready gave you? Have you been a good custodian of God’s resources and wealth? God doesn’t waste talent or treasure and all these things are so important that we must give account of how we use them.

6. Watch what you eat. Don’t just put anything inside your system. Watch both your physical and spiritual food. Don’t bring yourself under false doctrines that will destroy your soul. Don’t look for prophets that will destroy you, rather dig deep into the bible because the bible answers all questions. You need good health to be able to serve God and so don’t eat anything that will make you sick and damage your health.

This topic talks about walking with God and watching Him. We have to focus on Jesus throughout the year, Hebrews 12:2, because there will be distractions all the way, but you must focus on Jesus who will lead you to your destination.


1. Father, deliver me from every form of distraction that may detour my cause in destiny in Jesus’ name.

2. Father, expose every unfriendly friend in my life that may cause me to end in wrong destination this year and be-yond in Jesus’ name.

3. Father, help me oh Lord to walk with you and end with you in Jesus’ name.

4. Father, help me to be more than conqueror in everyday of my life in Jesus’ name. Remain more than conqueror in Jesus name.